Developing The Next Generation Of Positive Disruptors & Changemakers.


We are dreamers. We dream of a future where:
...leaders are driven by the passion to serve. 
...people trust the character and competence of their leaders. 
... and real issues are being addressed.

Our mission is to contribute to making this dream a reality by developing the next generations of positive disruptors and changemakers. Youth are full of energy, creativity, and potential and we want to help fast-track their development to be our leaders of the future.

Mindsets & Characteristics



Have a clear and inspiring vision for the future, and are able to communicate effectively that vision to others. They are creative, innovative, and able to inspire and motivate others to work towards a common goal.


Have a positive outlook on the future, with a focus on opportunities and potential solutions rather than problems or setbacks. They inspire and motivate others by emphasizing possibilities and showing resilience in the face of challenges.


Have a strong sense of self-awareness and are able to stay focused and calm in the face of challenges or adversity. They have a clear sense of their values and priorities, and are able to maintain balance in their personal and professional lives.


Are motivated, ambitious, and driven to achieve their goals. They have a strong desire to learn, grow, and improve themselves and others, and are always seeking new opportunities to challenge themselves and develop their skills.

People Smart

Possess strong interpersonal skills, and are able to understand and empathize with others. They are skilled in communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution, and are able to build and maintain positive relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.


Follow through on their commitments and responsibilities. They have a strong work ethic and are able to prioritize their time and resources effectively. They are efficient, productive, and manage their time and resources effectively to achieve their goals.



The belief that individuals have the capacity to develop and improve their abilities through dedication, perseverance, research, and hard work.


The view that stepping out of one’s comfort zone, taking risks and learning from failures are essential parts of gaining insights and accelerating growth.


A way of thinking that emphasizes the value of working together with others and leveraging diverse perspectives and skills. Prioritizing building strong relationships and fostering a culture of open communication, trust, and mutual respect.


A way of thinking that focused on the appreciation of one's blessing, including people, experiences, and opportunities, which enables a positive attitude towards challenges.


The perspective that a leader only exist to be of service to others. They are humble and prioritize listening and learning from others, and seek to create an environment where everyone's contributions are valued.


The mindset that embraces challenges and obstacles as opportunities to develop strength, resilience and adaptability.

Meet our team

Chihab Kaab
Executive Coach Founder
Faizan Chauhan
Youth Engagement Lead
Mohammed Al-Rifai
Roufayda Assal
Senior Youth And Volunteer Engagement Lead
Abdel Rahman Elleithy
Ahmed Ammar
Aminna Syed
Eden Minhas
Elaaf Siddiqui
Habel Abdi
Haseeb Rana
Hashem Abdi
Lina Kanawati
Maryam Hikmat
Mona Munim
Qadija Yusuf
Ruqaiya Jilani
Sara Elkady
Sawsan El Darrat
Yasmen Zaghloul
The Youth Council is a group of 8 youth who are representative of the youth we serve. These youth are currently enrolled in our program and come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They conduct quarterly internal evaluations to ensure the program is meaningfully addressing the needs of our youth and is delivered in the most impactful way possible.

Our funding partner

We are extremely grateful to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC) for believing in our work and committing to helping us make it happen. We appreciate all the support the IRC team provides us: from funding our program to help make it accessible for our youth, to volunteering during the events and sharing their expertise. We are excited to have a partner who believes in our mission and vision for the community as much as we do and look forward to continuing this partnership.

To learn more about IRC, and the work they do visit their website here.