To lead is to serve.

The impact project experience fast tracks the development of youth as leaders by giving them opportunities to lead teams. As a Seed Lead, they will complete 4-6 impact projects over the course of the 3-year program.

The Seed Leads identify the project they want to do based on a societal need and what they are passionate about. Projects range from combating racism and bullying, Indigenous awareness, environmental sustainability, supporting homeless individuals, providing a community for kids who have lived in abusive households, and more.
Over 100
impact projects
volunteers engaged
lives impacted by the projects

Take a look at some impact projects


By Omar Ibrahim, Maryam Abouelela, Rahma

a youth lead project with a mission of directing tweens towards excellence. Their program helps tweens ages 10-13 achieve their full potential by focusing on establishing a strong foundation of knowledge, help tweens succeed academically by teaching them different learning strategies and study methods and finally soft skills that will give them a head start in their success journeys.


By Yousef Elhariry

404Apollo is a marketing firm compromised of "Info Accelerators", who are specially trained and highly qualified info product marketeers and sellers (online courses and coaching). Our aim is to empower the future of alternative education to be able to compete with traditional means of education such as Universities and Colleges, and offer entrepreneurs the proper resources and coaching for their career by shedding light on a variety of opportunities , not just the typical "Business Models" such as SMMA, SAAS, & Dropshipping.


By Jana Mahdi, Menna Saad, Sara Olabi, Sophia, Noor, Anan

Observing a distinct lack of knowledge of ideal role models, the Project Izza team executed a monthly workshop for youth, ages ten to thirteen, to educate them about exemplary leaders who made great strides and left a memorable legacy. This initiative; as noticed by team members, participants, and parents, significantly impacted the youth by introducing them to remarkable role models which can be looked up to for Izza, inspiration, and empowerment.

MSA Sisterhood

By Safa and Nebiha

Safa and Nebiha had a goal to provide girls in their university a safe space to make new friends and create long lasting connections after recognizing the struggles girls go through when searching for social support. Through hosting a series of bi-weekly events, the team was able to foster genuine, one-on-one connections and hosted an impressive 889 participants with an astounding 80% of them successfully forming at least one meaningful friendship.

Hijabi Talks

By Hagar

Hijabi Talk's mission is to enable girls to confidently express their Islamic identity through their modest hijab. They strive to foster resilience among these girls, and equip them with the skills necessary to face life's challenges. By facilitating community events as Modest Hijab Show and New Hijabis celebration. In addition, to focused programs such as the Road Confidence program. Through their journey, they have supported around 1000 girls and were featured on Aljazeera Mubasher, amongst other media platforms, to celebrate the success of their efforts!


By Sakina, Safa, Menna Gebril, Aya Kaab, Meryana, Ossama

LifeBridge has partnered with Canadian Blood Services to raise awareness and make it accessible for people to donate stem cells by getting swabbed and joining the CBS blood donation list. Stem cells are the cure to many life threatening illnesses that can not be cured through normal blood donation. By joining the blood donation list, they will be part of the community of blood donors they are building. This initiative goes beyond just signing up to donate. This project aims to raise awareness and bridge the gap in the community about the importance of making these donations.


By Abdullah Dadoun, Ahmed Naeem, Jude, Reem Abdelazim, Layan, Yusuf Baig

Yusr is an organization formed by a group of youth who are dedicated to bettering the burial system for individuals in the GTA. This organization was launched to make the burial process easier by helping individuals with burial expenses. Yusr operates on a membership-based system, pooling resources to fund funerals for those in need. Yusr will take care of the burial process entirely in collaboration with burial homes.

Ability online

By Janna, Huda, Safa, Sara Jawarneh, Aisha

The project was a partnership with Ability Online, an organization that aims to create an inclusive online space for people with disabilities. Their work included creating a presence on the newly launched youth platform for new members to feel comfortable posting. They were a great source of support for Ability Online as they prepared the relaunch of their online social platform. They also hosted live online activity sessions bringing together community members to combat feelings of social isolation.