Unleash your
leadership potential.

Developing Seed Leads

The youth enrolled in our immersive learning program (we call them Seed Leads) go through a unique 3-year leadership development experience. During a Seed Lead’s time in the program, they are surrounded by driven individuals who like them are working to shape a better future. Seed Leads not only engage in retreats, summits, coaching circles, 1-on-1 coaching and lead impact projects, but they have the added benefit of building a network of fellow leaders that they can tap into as they continue to impact the community.


Retreats are immersive learning opportunities designed to develop young leaders to become more confident in themselves, and their abilities, and to strengthen their leadership performance. Packed with high-energy activities and learning sessions, the Seed Leads are in for an experience they won’t forget!


The summits offer a chance to showcase the skills you've learned and the impact you've achieved to a panel of professional judges, while competing against your fellow Seed Leads. These events provide an incredible opportunity to raise your standards and network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference.

Impact Projects

Each Seed Lead executes several community-focused projects alongside 4-5 other youth to positively impact the greater society. These projects encourage the Seed Leads to apply their learning, build relationships, and develop a stronger sense of purpose and belonging in their communities.

Coaching Circles

These coaching sessions led by Executive Coach Chihab Kaab help Seed Leads explore different topics and engage in discussions with each other. These sessions occasionally feature guest speakers, allowing the Seed Leads to network with other professionals and community leaders.

1-on-1 Coaching

Regular touch points with Seeds staff during which a Seed Lead can ask questions, receive feedback and request support for their impact project and in other areas of personal and leadership development. These meetings help the Seeds team to better understand where Seed Leads need the most support.

Supporting youth organizations

While we offer youth leadership training, there are many organizations out there that are supporting youth in other necessary ways. We want to help those organizations effectively meet their goals and serve youth. That is why we offer free leadership training to teams of youth and non-youth who serve young people.

Together we can create an ecosystem of effective organizations that help young people with the challenges they face.