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At Seeds of Leadership, leadership is practiced as a service. Any individual interested in enrolling in the 3-year leadership development program must first attend an Act To Lead community volunteer initiative. Volunteers who demonstrate a hunger for learning, a desire to help others and leadership potential are invited to take part in an impact project challenge while also going through an interview process. Candidates who are successful in both are then invited to enroll in the program and become Seed Leads.
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I founded Hijabi Talks because I want girls to be proud of their hijab and to create a safe space for them to feel confident. Seeds of Leadership helped me a lot in creating this project because they touched on the foundations of how to be a leader and gave us practical steps to serve our community.
Hagar Elhelali
Seed Lead
Such a wonderful heartwarming experience, an amazing chance to grasp leadership skills while enjoying and learning in a welcoming safe atmosphere. The retreats and workshops are well-planned creating a comfortable ambiance of passion and teamwork.
Sidra Anjum
Seed Lead
MashaAllah the programs are super engaging and interactive. Every point they make connects to Islam and takes us one step closer to becoming leaders. One of the best programs I’ve ever attended.
Wahaj Salim
Seed Lead


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We offer a variety of enriching and exciting volunteer opportunities. We believe that each person is blessed with talents and our role is to match yours with a community need and help you serve with passion and excellence. All it takes is an intention to serve and a form to fill!
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